For a limited time we will offer to close a Standard Residential Real Estate Sale for flat fee of $395.

Restrictions apply as follows:

  • Quotation is based on residential real estate sales representation where title is ordered through and prepared by our office through either Attorneys Title Guaranty Fund Inc., First American Title Insurance or Gateway/Greater Illinois Title Insurance.
  • Quotation is based upon standard residential sale for a single contract.
  • Multiple contracts/purchasers or any unusual or non-standard title clearance items may require additional charges.
  • Please confirm at the time our office is retained that you have engaged or contacted our office through our internet web site.
  • This offer does not apply to existing real estate matters in which we have been retained or engaged prior to publication of this special fee arrangement.

Please contact us through this email address Shelley@robertpauls.com or call and mention this promotion so we can be sure to bill accordingly.

Disclosure Statement/Controlled Business Agreement

  • We hereby disclose that R.J. Pauls P.C. herein after referred to as attorney and/or Robert J. Pauls have an ownership interest, or agency agreement with Attorneys Title Guaranty Fund Inc., First American Title Insurance, and Gateway/Greater Illinois Title Insurance, herein referred to as "title companies". In connection with the sale of property any retention with our office pursuant to the Special Internet Fee Quotation, title insurance will be issued by the attorney and/or the attorney will provide escrow services through "title companies". The attorney is a title agent of "title companies" and has a financial interest in the companies, and therefore, makes, or has made, full disclosure of this financial interest. We will forward an estimate of fees and charges that are known and which will be made in connection with the recommended title and/or escrow services.
  • You are not required to use "title companies" as a condition for settlement of your loan, or purchase, sale, or refinance of your property. There are frequently other settlement service providers available with similar services. You are free to shop around to determine that you are receiving the best services and the best rates for these services. However, the special Internet fee quotation will not be available in the event that title services are not ordered through and/or prepared by our office through our "title companies".

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